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Capital Campaign Newsletter 3 - February 19, 2017

 Capital Campaign Newsletter 2 - February 12, 2017

Capital Campaign Newsletter 1 - February 5, 2017

Capital Campaign – Growing Together
begins February 5, 2017  


Dear Friends,

The Acts of the Apostles recounts in Chapter 2, “When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were.” After the descent of the Holy Spirit like tongues of fire, the followers of Jesus were amazed that, although they were from so many different parts of the world, they could all nevertheless understand each other. The early Church began that day with so many different kinds of people called by God to move forward in faith and to grow in that faith together.   

Two thousand years later, the Church continues to grow throughout the world. This is the context for why we have built a church in Woodinville. We have done so at the Lord’s command and we have succeeded because of His grace. We were successful because the Lord wants us to be here. None of us have the power to build a church by ourselves. Together, as the Body of Christ, Jesus has given us a spiritual home to proclaim the Gospel, grow in faith, and to be a force for good in the world. What makes our community special isn’t the building, it’s the people. A building, however, is necessary to carry out God’s ministries. 

We had many challenges along the way, one of which is the context for our current Capital Campaign Forward in Faith - Growing Together. As some of you may remember, when we were first charged with the mission of building a church for our parish community, King County gave us a deadline that we had to meet to use this property. Thanks to the grace of God, our community was successful in building our church; however, we knew that we would have to build in stages recognizing that our numbers would grow over time.

Last year we conducted a parish-wide study to gain wisdom from our parishioners regarding our goals for the coming five years. The priorities that were articulated by the community were to reduce the debt, build more classrooms and office spaces, and extend the existing hall to better accommodate our ministries and social functions.  Last fall, Guidance In Giving, Inc. helped us with a pre-campaign study that confirmed these priorities. The support for these goals was very high, indicating a parish-wide preference that we work on these priorities simultaneously.  The Planning Study and Guidance In Giving reports are available for your review. The study indicates that we can raise $1.5 million and that these funds should be used to build the needed spaces in our building as well as continue our commitment to reduce the debt.  So, this is what we need to do. If we raise more funds than this, we will look at further reducing our debt.

My prayer is that our newer parishioners will be inspired to be co-founders with us in this effort. Just as the Early Church began with disciples from many parts of the world and joined the Christian community at different times, they are nevertheless one body of Christ.  By supporting this Campaign, new parishioners will be founders of this parish just as much as families who attended the first Mass on this property in 2004. This is because our work of founding a parish community in Woodinville continues.

My heart is filled with gratitude to all who participated in our first campaigns. My prayer is also that those who donated to our previous campaigns, Forward in Faith - Building to Serve and Forward in Faith - Our Parish, Our Future, will join me in participating in this Campaign. The reason for this is our work is not yet done.

Together, with God’s help and everyone’s generosity, this campaign will be successful. We are continuing the Lord’s ministry that he entrusted to his Apostolic Church on Pentecost and Woodinville is better for it. Thank you and may God bless you.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Frank Schuster

Executive Summary of Planning Study Findings


Lent Schedule 2017

 Ash Wednesday

March 1

Mass at 9am, noon, 7pm

Stations of the Cross

March 3 - April 7


Holy Week

April 13, 7pm: Holy Thursday Mass
April 13, 8:30pm: Adoration
April 14, 3pm: Stations of the Cross
April 14, 7pm: Good Friday Service
April 15, 9pm: Easter Vigil Mass
April 16: All Masses at Regular times




Mass Times

Saturday Mass
Sunday Mass
9:00AM, 11:00AM, and 5:00PM

Monday, Thursday, Friday 9AM
Wednesday 6PM


Saturday at 4PM and by appointment


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Parish News and Events

Teaching Mass - Feb 24, 9am

All are invited to a teaching Mass February 24 at 9am. This Mass will be about an hour, and Fr. Frank will walk through the reasons behind what we do during the liturgy.

Touching Safety - Feb 26

Feb 26 we will be offering abuse prevention training for children during all Sunday School classes. Parents are invited to attend with their children and have the option to opt out if desired. Read more

Ash Wednesday Masses

March 1 there will be a 9am, noon, and 7pm Mas for Ash Wednesday.

Stations of the Cross

Starting Friday, March 3rd and continuing through Friday April 7th, there will be Stations of the Cross at 6:30pm. April 14, Stations will only be offered at 3pm.

Interest in Youth Mission Trip

We are gauging interest in a high school mission trip to Los Angeles this summer. We need your input to determine whether we should pursuit this opportunity. For more information or to give feedback contact Nicole Wynn ( Read more

Confirmation Class for Adults

If you are an Adult Catholic that would like to participate in the Sacrament of Confirmation, it's not to late to sign up for the adult Confirmation program. Classes meet Saturdays from 1-2:30pm. Contact Mary Williams at Read more

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - 11/01/2016

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be held every Monday evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer starts at 7:00pm followed by the Rosary at 7:30pm. These prayer sessions are sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

You Can Help as an Usher!

This is such a great and fun ministry to be a part of. Please contact Greg Schmidt for more details. See the front page of the Bulletin for Contact information. Read more

Volunteers Needed-Laundering Linens

Volunteers needed for the Arts and Environment Committee. Laundering duties include: washing, ironing, and folding. Please see bulletin for more information, or contact Christina Leatha at Read more

Mass Intentions for Daily Mass

All are welcome to have a Mass offered for those who have died or in need of special prayers. Come into the parish office during open hours and choose an open weekday Mass for such an intention. There is no charge for this but donations are appreciated.